Pumping labia

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A toy that stimulates with intense air pulses to get you there, fast. Flexible wings tuck under your labia for hands-free stimulation. A powerful, versatile vibrator that flexes to your needs. A strong vibe with a curved body and soft tip that finds the perfect spot. A classic shape with stimulating new features. You will earn points on this purchase. Discounts may not be applicable on orders containing a subscription. Shipping, taxes, and discounts added at checkout. Alexandra FineCredentialed Sexologist, M. Psych Written by Dame. After all, the use of slang to describe genital organs always changes the overall tone of a discussion.

That not always a bad thing in bed, of course. A pussy pump generally has pumping labia parts: a plastic chamber often with a silicone rim that is placed over the genitals, and a hose which le to a hand-held pump. Most models are pumped like the old-fashioned blood pressure cuff a nurse might use, but there are also fancy ones with triggers and gauges. Chambers are available in various sizes. Larger ones can cover the labia, the vagina pumping labia the entire vulva. To use the pump, you place the chamber over the genitals to create a light seal, and then pump out air to create a vacuum.

As you pump, the seal gets tighter, the suction on your genitals becomes stronger — and that increases blood flow to your genital area. What does that mean for sex play? For the science behind the pussy pump and how it can contribute to a more satisfying sex life, read on. The body begins releasing nitric oxide, which causes increased blood flow to the genitals.

In turn, that causes swelling of the vaginal walls and the inner lips of the labia. Swelling makes the organs of the vulva feel more sensitive, which is why foreplay or the early stages of self-stimulation feel so darned good. As sexual activity grows in intensity the increased blood flow continues, making external organs even more sensitive. In fact, the glans clitoris may hide under the clitoral pumping labia at some point to prevent overstimulation by the penis or a sex toy, which could become painful.

Muscle contractions which began during the desire phase become stronger and may become spasms. The vagina produces even more lubrication as do the labia and the vaginal walls change color due to increased blood flow. The pleasure centers in the brain get involved, too. If you reach climax, the muscles throughout the vulva and vagina spasm violently, and squirting may occur. One of the constants you probably noticed in the last section is that the key to optimal sexual pleasure is an increased flow of blood to the genitals. The pussy pump is deed to encourage and maximize that blood flow.

That means the clitoris, vagina and vulva are faster to respond, and are more sensitive than usual, during sex play. For most people, sexual stimulation and activity feels incredible — but a session with the pump beforehand makes it even better. There are many very reliable models on the market. Whether you choose a Satisfyer Pro Pump, Pipedream Fetish Fantasy, Womanizer or Doc Johnson pussy pump just a sample of the best pussy pumps on the marketthey generally work in the same way.

The first step is preparation, so a good seal around the genitals can be ensured. Chamber size matters, since vaginal pumps and clitoral pumps are deed for pumping labia parts of the genitals. Once you see your labia start to swell, you should begin to feel an unusual but arousing sensation in your genital area. Go slowly, one pump at a time. Once you notice and feel the suction, only squeeze the bulb once or twice more. As you get comfortable using the pussy pump, you may want to leave the chamber in place for a few minutes, minutes at the most. If you feel any actual pain, or are ready to remove the chamber, just hit the quick release valve on the pump once and the chamber will come right off.

Some pumps have a second release valve on the chamber itself. You may want to relax for a minute or two, however, to let blood flow normally. Not only can the device get you ready for sex play, it can become a part of it. Watching the process of genital engorgement may be a turn-on for both you and your partner; at the more extreme end, there are BDSM possibilities as well.

Your pump should be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water after each use, and stored in a dry, cool place separate from other sex toys. Be sure that the device is waterproof, though, if you plan to submerge it or get any of the electronic components wet. You already know that these devices are available in different sizes deed to increase blood flow to the clitoris, the vaginal opening or the entire vulva. The simplest pumps consist of nothing more than a chamber, hose and squeezable bulb.

Most chambers are made from plastic or similar materials, but higher-priced ones may be made from medical-grade acrylic. Some units are accompanied by a separate vibe to complete the pleasure package, and others have ticklers built into the chamber to tease while they also engorge. You find a hand pump difficult or clumsy to use? Pumping labia automatically do the pumping for you, with preset modes for differing amounts of pressure inside the chamber.

Electronic and automatic vibrating pumps are usually USB rechargeable. Modern pussy pumps are deed to be safe. Their quick release triggers allow you to immediately discontinue their use if necessary, and they are generally manufactured from high-quality or medical-grade materials. When shopping, be sure that chambers are free of phthalates known to pose cancer risksand that your lube is water-based and parabens-free. Let the sore area calm down, reposition the chamber and give it another try. Do be pumping labia, though.

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Pumping labia

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