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Grow System offers solutions to the limitations of existing vertical farming methods. Highest of plants per m. Modular system dfvh quick and easy replacement of crops. Rotational System. Even CO distribution. Direct Feed Mist Irrigation. Equal nutrition to each plant. Lighting technology with no heat production.

Ideal wavelength for individual plants and stages. Water and Nutrients. Organic fertilizer and substrate. Closed-loop system recycles nutrients and corrects mineral deficiencies. Automation and Robotics. Artificial intelligence algorithms.

Robotic harvester and transporter. Grow Unit's Dimensions. Each panel holds 12 plants. The Grow Unit is composed of 15 towers. Grow Unit. Annual Yield. Often space usage efficiency in vertical farming is thought of in dfvh of land area, meaning horizontal usage of space, disregarding the vertical requirements.


A system might produce what would seem a high amount of crops. However, this efficiency in land area dfvh accomplished mainly by stacking horizontal layers on top of each other. This means, their increased production is mostly a result of an increase in volume usage. The lack of consideration for volume usage makes it difficult to compare and evaluate different systems.

With the aim dfvh facilitating this comparisonwe are presenting a mathematical analysis and explanation of the Grow Units space usage efficiency. Systems that grow plants vertically are more efficient than those that stack layers horizontally. Therefore, we will do the comparison between the Grow rotating cylinders and vertical layers. Grow Cylinder vs. Flat Surface. Top View. Therefore, the growing area of half the cylinder is 64 cm.

The growing area of the cylinder is smaller than that of a flat line. This is, however, only an apparent loss in growing area as we will see with the Cone Gain. Cone Gain. As the plants grow, so does the growing area. Lighting Distance. Rotation prevents plants from being burnt, therefor distance between plants and LED fixtures can be minimized. The Grow system can be assembled in stackable units and customized according to specific needs. The core of our motivation is to support the dfvh industry dfvh to the level required to meet the food demand of a growing population.

Hydroponics and vertical farming offer a realistic and tangible solution to that challenge. As such, entering the hydroponic industry seems like an exciting opportunity. Simultaneously, deing and building a suitable system might be cumbersome or inefficient. In order to address the need for simplicity and efficiency, we have deed the eco-friendly and low-cost Grow units. Farming facilities using our environmentally-controlled vertical farming technology can grow year-round vegetables, fruits, and flower.

Our system can be used by newcomers or seasoned hydroponic farmers, alike. Since we de, build and install systems according to specific needs. Additionally, we provide education and training followed by ongoing support for the d units. Initial system de will consider high-market value produce to create a rapid return on investment. For licensing of the Grow system or for further inquiries, us at info evergreenfarm. We de, build, install and offer ongoing support worldwide.


Structure Highest of plants per m No excess humidity No excess heat Modular system allows quick and easy replacement of crops. Direct Feed Mist Irrigation Equal nutrition to each plant. Water and Nutrients Organic fertilizer and substrate Closed-loop system recycles nutrients and corrects mineral deficiencies Water harvesting.


Automation and Robotics Artificial intelligence algorithms Robotic harvester and transporter. Flat Surface Top View. Top Producer A. Top Producer B. Evergreen DFVH.


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