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They allow us to count visits and traffic sources so that we can measure and improve the performance of our sites. If people say no to these cookies, we do not know how many people have visited and we cannot sexy selfie snapchat performance. That's because, the WSJ 's sources claim, Spiegel is betting that by next year, Snapchat's message volume and user base will have grown enough that the company — which earns no revenue — will be even more valuable. Spiegel is reportedly holding out for the big bucks. Not that his strategy is without precedent. And Snapchat has been growing, if the company's own figures are to be believed.

In September, Spiegel told the audience at the Techcrunch Disrupt conference that Snapchat users are sharing million photos per day, up from million in June. Snapchat's main attraction, compared to competing services like Facebook-owned Instagram, is that it allows users to send photos on a temporary basis. The sender can set a time limit of up to 30 seconds, after which the photo will be deleted from the receiver's device.

That makes it ideal for trading naughty selfies that you don't want seen by eyes other than the intended recipient's although Spiegel likes to say Snapchat is about "sharing moments". It also means Snapchat's user base skews toward young adults, a valuable demographic for marketers. That's one reason why Institutional Venture Partners said it tossed some cash Snapchat's way in the company's most recent funding round.

Just how the company plans to extract that value in the form of profits, however, is not known. But at least one person involved with the company knows where the money is. According to the WSJSpiegel has told potential investors that if Snapchat seeks further investment inhe would like to sell a block of his own stock. A Black teenager in the US was barred from entering a roller rink after a facial-recognition system wrongly identified her as a person who had been ly banned for starting a fight there.

Lamya Robinson, 14, had been dropped off by her parents at Riverside Arena, an indoor rollerskating space in Livonia, Michigan, at the weekend to spend time with her pals. Facial-recognition cameras installed inside the premises matched her face to a photo of somebody else apparently barred following a skirmish with other skaters.

Robinson was thus told to leave the premises by staff. Comment The UK government said in April that "the first types of self-driving cars could be on UK ro this year" but this is not entirely accurate. Firstly, the announcement refers not to self-driving vehicles, but vehicles fitted with automated lane-keeping systems ALKSand secondly, we already have technology similar to this driving on our ro. No doubt, manufacturers will sexy selfie snapchat releasing new versions of vehicles fitted with ALKS in UK showrooms before the end of the year. Episode 12 "Everything's just so expensive!

Something for the Weekend, Sir? The of the incoming call is "Unknown". I reject it, obviously. While I am intrigued by the idea of receiving mystery calls from The Unknown, they are disappointing to answer. This guy's insistent: it's the fourth time he's tried to call in the last minute. On Call The week is over once again. Celebrate with a watery On Call tale involving a cathode ray tube, a pot plant, and an absent-minded user.

Our hero, Regomised as "Sean", had taken his first steps into the glorious world of IT as a trainee support technician for a housing association at the impossibly young age of Oliver Daemen will ride atop the aerospace upstart's New Shepard rocket, which is expected to launch on July If all goes well, the lad will be the youngest person to fly to space, and years-old Funk will be the oldest.

Now I'll become the youngest astronaut ever because I'm 18 years old. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth handle the wireless side of things. Microsoft has done two very characteristic things: create a new type of Ping and alled it will charge to use it. Microsoft currently offers a "URL Ping test" that it admits is "a bit of a misnomer" as it has nothing to do with the Internet Control Message Protocol's "Ping" command, which Reg readers will know is a fine way to test whether an IP address is available.

The URL Ping test is a feature of Azure Monitor, a tool Microsoft suggests as a fine way to improve observability of your infrastructure, sexy selfie snapchat, and applications. The test uses "more advanced HTTP request functionality to validate whether an endpoint is responding". But at core, it's a Ping. Revenue rose 28 per cent year-over-year in US dollars. Gross profit margin for Q3 was forecast at between The company also revealed that the first batch of staff from the USA have visited Taiwan to train on the five-nanometre tech the company will build in its forthcoming Arizona facilities.

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No, we're not talking about Brexit. BOFH : But soft! What light through yonder filing cabinet breaks? It is green, and BOFH is not the one. It's only a, er, miner problem The lights go off, broadband drops out, the TV freezes … and nobody knows why spooky music It might be because technicians maintain an open-door policy. Hang on. Fibre broadband… that rings a bell.

Try placing a pot sexy selfie snapchat directly sexy selfie snapchat your CRT monitor — it really ties the desk together Actually, no. Don't do this. Steam just announced one for gamers on the go, but it can also behave like any other PC. Gaming house Steam has just revealed a rather intriguing portable PC. Microsoft reveals pay-to-Ping plan for advanced Azure availability testing Does charging for Ping pong? Maybe not in this case, as Microsoft's plan covers 'Standard Ping tests' that are quite advanced.

TMSC reveals plans for further expansion, progress on 3nm process, evolving car tech, amid solid Q1 Meanwhile Intel reportedly eyes off buying Global Foundry.

Sexy selfie snapchat

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'A measly 3 Instagrams? NO!' Sexy selfie Snapchat spurns Facebook's $3bn