Chastity keyholder service

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Chastity has long been my favorite fetish to explore. I strongly believe that every male with a penis should have it locked up securely in a solid steel cage with a Dominant Female holding all the control. No exceptions. With this in mind I have a few levels of control available for boys interested in exploring Chastity with me. Becoming one of my Owned Pets is a privilege that not many earn. And yes, it must be earned. Ownership is not something I take lightly chastity keyholder service neither should you as a submissive. It takes time and trust to develop.

Therefore, anyone wishing to become one of my Owned Pets must prove themselves worthy before Chastity keyholder service will agree to take ownership. To prove yourself you must have already successfully served me by completing a minimum 1 Week Lock up, completed Boot Camp, spent time as one of my Playthings or participated in one of my many games or challenges. Being locked for me is never easy but it is fun! For more information about my Locked Boy Chastity Club head over to this post to read the details! Becoming a permanently chaste boy takes time and training to be successful.

And to live out the fantasy you need the right foundation. More details about this option here. Not ready to make a commitment but interested in taking part in one of my games or challenges? Check here to see if I have anything about to start or follow my TwitterWordPress or Discord to be sure you hear about upcoming activities before they start!

Do you only lock sissies? No, as I say all the time I believe all boys are at their best when they are locked in Chastity. Sissification is not part of every chastity journey. Will you physically hold my key? But that does not mean you will be able to access it easily or without my knowing. The best method of my control will depend on location, experience and length of lock up and will be discussed once a tribute is received.

What tasks can I expect? Tasks vary from boy to boy and depends on my mood, the season, or even something I might have seen or read that day or something I need done to make my day easier. The only way to find out is to submit and find out for yourself. What about Limits? Everyone has limits. Limits are always discussed at the beginning of any controlled lock up and put into writing before I take ownership of anyone and are always respected. How do I tribute? Tributes are sent via Amazon. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Loading Comments Required Name Required Website.

Chastity keyholder service

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