Get indie bill

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You are using an out of date browser. Get indie bill may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Status Not open for further replies. Aug 9, 41 54 23 Paris, France go. With us you can start accepting credit card payments anonymously within 24 hours and without any setup cost. Payouts are also sent for free twice a month.

Get indie bill

We're also building free websites for the models working with us here is a quick example. Below you will find detailed information about IndieBill as well as getting a website with us. Of course, do not hesitate to ask questions. We gladly answer any and all questions, including on our tech and business metrics.

Please note that we're still in Beta because we don't quite have as many features as we'd like, however it works very well and it's absolutely stable - we crashed about an hour over 2 months. In order to start accepting payments, you need to verify your identity. It generally takes between a few minutes and 24 hours to get validated everything that you created during your text will become fully functional. There are 3 sections: "Content" is where you"Products" where you can create payment s get indie bill "Sales" to keep track of everything s of your customers are also displayed there.

Please note that you currently always need to pick a content in order to create a paymentso to sell Skype shows or receive tips for example, I recommend to a 'dummy' picture saying "Thank you for your order". That will be fixed in a few weeks as we roll out our new version and get out of beta. Payment s are responsive and very simple: there's no need to up, no need to click around and the payment form is displayed directly for get indie bill conversion.

Customers are yours, we don't reach out to them except in case of technical or billing issues and we don't advertise other models. On his end, the customer is able to download the content right after purchase and also has access to his personal library of purchased content if he wishes to download them again later on.

Additionally we're able to send you your money in the currency of your choice at no extra cost, this way you get the mid-market rate instead of high bank fees. If you'd like to be paid through another mean, don't hesitate to ask: we try to offer solutions that suit everyone but we'd rather avoid checks in the mail. It goes directly to our phones and we do our best to answer live when we can, or within 24 hours. We're only 2 people running the business at the moment however, so it's not always possible.

You can count on us to answer any and all questions. We pay for the hosting, get the coding done and deploy it online you may also do it on your own if you prefer since we hand you over the code.

Get indie bill

Of course, it is and will always be your website. It takes about 4 hours work for you but you can split it up in many small sessions if you'd like. Once we work out the details better, it'll become freely accessible. This new version will make IndieBill more powerful and flexible, in particular we'll be adding a shopping cart and specific payment s for the main products Skype shows, videos, tips etc.

It will also allow us to have a more solid ground to build new features, in particular we're aiming to provide recurring billing and APIs it allows other developers to build cool things on top of our tech in the incoming months.

We look forward to your questions and working with you. Lintilla Cam Model. Mar 15, 1, 5, 39 Arizona www. I'm obviously just hearing about this, but so far this sounds promising. One thing I'm wondering, since you seem open to having your service work with models' existing sites, is if you'd considered the possibility of integrating as a payment gateway for existing shopping carts such as WooCommerce, etc. The brief API mention piqued my interest. I very much would prefer to have a site that's entirely under my own control, but the thing that's held be back from really going forward with this properly is that besides Bitcoin and off-site payments that need to be manually verified, there are really no adult-friendly payment gateways available to me.

I don't know how many others are looking for a similar solution, but i would personally be overjoyed. Reactions: hottieheidiii and SaffronBurke. RebeccaT Cam Model. Payoneer no longer accept private lo. If you paid out in the usual way to Payoneer I would be interested.

Lintilla Yes we'd love to integrate with existing e-commerce solutions, once the APIs are ready we'll be able to build some integrations as well as other developers if they'd like but that will take time since we're only 2 at the moment. I do not think we will have any third party integrations ready before since our current focus is more to build the tech that would be offered by third parties directly into IndieBill, so to make it better as a 'stand alone' first. Let me know if you have more questions, I think you can already achieve what you envision using for example Wix.

Unfortunately Payoneer refused to work with us because we're a new company and they ask for 12 months existence. We've tried to 'sneak in' reaching out several times trying to get a different answer, but that didn't work out. We have to wait till around December. May I ask you why getting your money wired for free is not a relevant option for you? IndieBill said:. Click to expand Reactions: IndieBill. RebeccaT Thank you for get indie bill additional details.

Please know that we'd be get indie bill you the money via the SEPA network and can wire you pounds directly so that you have no fees when receiving your money.

Get indie bill

Unless I'm missing something particular to your case here, I'm afraid you're assuming that we'd be sending you an international wire transfer SWIFT network like many adult sites do and for which there are high fees on both the sender and receiver's end.

We're able to wire the money to your business or personal depending on your preference, your bank would not be aware that it's money coming from earnings on an adult site - we've kept our name clean or even our own bank would not work with us, and it's going through a partner specialized in payouts.

We do comply with age-verification rules in France by the way, but maybe UK has more extensive ones. Please know that if you'd like to see it work instead of taking my word for it, I'd be happy to wire you a small amount today.

Get indie bill

I wish you a great evening. Please know that we'd be wiring you the money via the SEPA network. Alisa Cam Model. Jan 23, 1, 8, What do you mean Payoneer doesn't accept private lo? It does and I just received two today. The link is paynow dot payoneer dot com unless there is some other kind of private lo you're get indie bill about?

Sep 15, 3, 7, Since you are asking people to trust you with their earnings, perhaps there should be a little more information about who the "we" are. We all got miffed about it. It still crops up in other thre. Someone enlighten me here, please. AlisaMae said:. RebeccaT said:. Yet another reason the UK should not be leaving the EU! Sevrin said:. Reactions: hottieheidiiiVeronicaChaosSevrin and 7 others. Thanks for the info, I'm glad it still works and we can use it to payout then The last time I personally used it was about a year ago, may I ask you what fees Payoneer takes when you receive a private load?

Empress Mika Cam Model. Mar 22, 2, 7, USA www. I really wanted to like this but a lot of my traffic purchases one clip at a time.

Get indie bill

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